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phBadBehave: phBadBehave3 -- final phase
phBadBehave3 was just submitted to the official mod list of phpBB 3.
Added by Philipp Heinze almost 6 years ago

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Latest projects

  • phJCs (02/10/2012 10:51 pm)

    Functionality needed in your daily Java work

  • WPIDS (10/19/2011 01:21 pm)
  • phForms (09/4/2011 09:04 pm)
  • phBadBehave (08/2/2011 01:43 pm)

    phBadBehave is the port of BadBehavior for phpBB .
    BB helps you to stop SPAM (and through http:BL not only that) from accessing your site at all. BB is included to phpBB in such an early stage of processing, that the SPAM doesn't cause much load to your website. So phBadBehave will effectively not only lower the level of SPAM to your forum, it will even keep your server load low and may save you some bucks as well, because of lower traffic to it....

  • WordPress Extends (08/2/2011 01:39 pm)

    Within this Project you find all Plugins, Widgets, etc. which are designed for WordPress